Games 'n Gadgets



Games n' Gadgets is an electronic games retail store, based in Banglore, India.  They approached me through a common friend and asked if I can help them design their logo & Identity. The offer was interesting to work on as during 2010 timeframe the Gaming industry was really in fast drive mode with hot products like Nintendo Wii / X-Box 360 / Sony Playstation were selling like hot cakes. I thought it would be a fun project and started working on the client's requirement - about how do they perceive logo for their store.

Role & Duration

Graphic Design, Logo, Identity, Print

Nov 2010 - Dec 2010


1 Graphic Designer


Adobe Illustrator CS5, Photoshop CS5


Since the domain for this logo was game - my thought was to have a logo which exhibits emotions like happiness, delight, freshness, mischievous in a positive way, playful, full of fun and should make you smile :)

While doing my research on trying to work out an inspiration - I came across kids cartoon character - a red friendly ghost - the little devil from Harvey comics - Casper the friendly ghost comics series. I was inspired by the way this character depicted the cute devilish persona with fun in heart. That is the reason why the logo mascot character is a small cute devil - as all the gamers are kids at heart when they are playing event though you are a grown-up gamer. The eyes & nose of the character are formed by using "G", "n", "G" which is an abbreviation for "Games 'n Gadgets".



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