I am a


/ sim'pləjəst/

an expert in taking up complex UX problems and making them simple.

I have coined this word "Simplogist" - and I think it should be a separate discipline in Design thinking. I am a multidisiplinary designer specializing in UX Design / Human Factors / Interaction design. I feel that in today's high paced technological world - there is intellegience everywhere but common sense and simplicity are rare. I constantly strive to simplify and try to provide a enhanced user experience for my projects.

UX Designer / Human Factors Engineer / Interaction Designer / Digital Product Designer

Here is how I can help your product / application

as a UX Designer,

I can help you with designing an enhanced user experience which your customer would feel delighted interacting with

as a Human Factors Engineer,

I can apply human factors engineering methods to design your products / application, processes and systems

as a Interaction Designer,

will focus on creating engaging web interfaces with logical and thought out behaviours & actions

as a Digital Product Designer,

will help you identify a real problem, offer you a best possible solution & help you launch product to market

This is a small window into my world of UX Design - I have tried to cover some of my projects which were a part of my professional journey. But even after 17+ years of experience, I am still a student trying to learn new things, new technologies and numerous ways to solve UX design problems. I have always found to learn effectively by trying hands-on experience, breaking things and fearless to fail! There is always a big learning lesson in everything that we do, so I embrace change as the only constant.

The simplest way to achieve simplicity is through thoughtful reduction.

- John Maeda, The Laws of Simplicity

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